5.0 star rating 4/7/2017

“Ok so I needed a treatment like asap and these guys came out and did it. They sent Auturo, who was very knowable about what he was as doing and applying. Thanks again guys.”

Bao P.
San Diego, CA

5.0 star rating 7/18/2017

“Okay. Just relocated from the east coast to the west coast. Loving cali, but not the bugs! So, I’m terrified of spiders and we moved into a new place in the Carmel valley area, with tons of spiders. We live on the highest floor and we had a terrible infestation of spiders. The team here is very courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. I called and they came out the same day. I appreciate all that you’ve guys have done to make my home habitable for my family and not the spiders! Hiring again for 60 day treatments. Highly recommended. Thanks guys”

Dani F.
San Diego, CA

5.0 star rating 5/17/2017

“Abe, I thank you for having a company that is professional, on time, has fair rates and friendly the way companies should be. Lolock was great in every way. I will recommend WE GOT YA. It’s so rare to find any business that knows what customer service is.”

T. Maniscalco
San Diego, CA

5.0 star rating 5/13/2016

“We recently moved to San Diego and found our dog scratching after spending time at the dog walking area in our complex. We called We Got-Ya and reached an operator that was courteous and took the time to listen. They were able to get out to my house a few days later. They called me about an hour prior to the appointment to let me know they were running 45 mins late.It was a Monday, and we’ve all been there so I gave them the guest account to my house and they went to work. We got home late that night and found no odor or bad smells. Fast forward to 3 weeks later and JUST as they explained, some eggs had survived and hatched. We took our dog to the groomer to have a flea dip while we vacuumed and cleaned our home as advised. It’s now 6 weeks after they sprayed and we are 110% flea free. Couldn’t be happier with this down to earth company that takes CC over the phone for clients with tight schedules. This small business just GETS IT when it comes to customer service AND their BBB Accredited Business and A+ also. It takes 5 years of an A rating to get to A+, that’s awesome.”

Zack F.
San Diego, CA

5.0 star rating 8/24/2016

“Great service!!! I had a huge ant problem in my house. There would be a crumb on the counter and the whole ant farm would show up. They arrived at 8am for my appointment and by the time I got home not a single any in sight. Forgot to mention I called 3 other pest control companies and we got ya was the only one to call back even with their busy schedule for summer”

Andy v.
San Diego, CA

5.0 star rating 9/14/2016

“Good communication and service. I set up an appointment with Abe through yelp in regards to a unexpected flea situation that came from babysitting another dog. Out of all the places I contacted, they had the best offer of $150 for the one time service with a 60 day guarantee. They came 2 days after I scheduled it, and sprayed/fogged the outside and inside the entire house. Took roughly 30-40 minutes, in and out. It’s been a little over a week and I have seen maybe 1 or 2 fleas here and there but I wasn’t expecting to kill every single one on the first try. Overall I would consider them if we would need to do this again or for any other pest control needs.”

Ritz D.
Chula Vista, CA

5.0 star rating 9/27/2016

“I let someone move into my house that had roaches & wouldn’t you know.. I started to see them in the kitchen then gradually they moved into the bathrooms. I couldnt even go in the kitchen without seeing at least 10. I called We Got Ya because they had great reviews on here. Im so glad I did. Abe took my call & reassured me that they could take care of my problem. I saw a difference in a couple days. He said to give it 3 weeks if i still had the problem they would come back out to take care of it. I have alot of pets & the bait they used was completly safe for them. I recommend this company 100%!! The tech that came out was Lelock (i think was his name) He was very thorough in applying the bait & gave me helpful hints on how to keep these pests out ! Great job guys thank you!”

Mary G.
Lemon Grove, CA

5.0 star rating 10/12/2016

“The guys are great, family operated business. I called them to come over and they were very courteous and prompt and I haven’t had any ants or roaches ever since! Great service and very courteous! Top of my A List!”

Richard C.
San Diego, CA

5.0 star rating 8/14/2013

Abraham was very courteous and thorough on the phone when I called him with my wasp nest issue, answering questions about the chemicals they use and his procedure. The technician was very thorough, courteous and on time. I am very impressed with this company and would highly recommend.

Sheri m.
San Diego, CA

5.0 star rating 3/23/2013

I contacted Abraham senior at the office about flea and ant control. He was very polite and unhurried while listening to my issue, and I felt comfortable that my request for environmental sensitivity would be met. I think the fee was reasonable and in-line with the other quotes I received.
On the day of service, his son contacted me 1/2 hour prior to his scheduled appointment just to let me know he would be running later than we had planned. I was pleased to find a well-groomed, knowledgable and honest professional at my door a short time after the call. He genuinely looked at the entire property with me and discussed options before proceeding, finishing all within an hour.

Ellen D.
San Diego, CA

5.0 star rating 7/8/2011

Great company and friendly staff! We Got Ya Pest Control has been to my home twice and have done an excellent job and were very friendly and professional. They made us feel very comfortable and we felt like our home was in good hands.

In all we are very pleased with We Got Ya and Pest control. Its nice to know that there are still good folks out there doing good work!

Sergio G.
Chula Vista, CA

5.0 star rating 8/16/2014

Abe was great! I found a rats’ nest hiding under our window AC unit. My husband and I had no idea how we should go about handling this so we decided to let the professionals take care of this one. So we contacted We Got Ya Pest control after seeing all the reviews on Yelp and I gave them a call. I talked to Abe on the phone and he seemed very knowledgable and friendly. I didn’t hire him right away, I figured I’d give other places a call and discuss it with my husband. Within an hour we decided to go with their business. The next day, Abe showed up to handle our rat nest problem. He was punctual and found out that not only did we have a rats’ nest but that it looked like they were about to start a family as well. So not only did he remove the nest, he also took care of the rats, cleaned the area, and helped my husband by showing him how he can reinstall the AC unit so no more rats can take residence there. Best part about it, his knowledge and expertise was very affordable and worth the price!!! I highly recommend if you have a rodent problem!

Joan T.
Chula Vista, San Diego, CA

5.0 star rating 8/25/2014

This company is very honest and sensitive to your specific needs. Period. The reasons why:

1) We had a crazy ant infestation in our home in Terra Nova. We Got-Ya never tried to sell us some monthly/bi-monthly/every six months or whatever “maintenance plan” when I was quoting around at different companies. They were honest and said that based on our specific situation, we should give it one shot and see how it goes. Plus, they were sensitive to our concerns about how any treatment would impact our toddler. So they never tried to up-sell us on something we wouldn’t necessarily need;

2) When Jr. arrived, he was incredibly professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy. While I was packing up the toddler to get out of the house for a few hours as recommended, Jr. pointed out ONE carpenter bug and relayed to me the concerns about this type of bug. He said that if he saw anymore, he might recommend additional service. I then left so he could do the treatments. He never recommended more treatments. He could have since we left the house and had no idea what was going on. This was a golden opportunity to try to sell us something that we didn’t need and he didn’t do it. THANK YOU!;

3) No ANTS no ANTS!

4) it’s SEVEN months later and still no ANTS!

Kristen M.
San Diego, CA

5.0 star rating 3/13/2014

We have been using We Got Ya for at least three years now at two properties and are very happy with the service.

First and foremost, we have no pests. They treat the property for whatever specific pest problem you are having, and for us it has been 100% effective.

Secondly, the technician who comes is very conscientious and thorough. We have garden boxes and he is careful not to get any pesticides on them. He takes care of our entire property and never fails to pay special attention to any area we mention.

We also like that they show up in a bright red truck and company uniform. It’s nice that our tenants never have to wonder who the guy is.

Highly recommended to anyone with a pest problem.

Kimberly R.
San Diego, CA

5.0 star rating 3/5/2015

i have a tenant with a roach problem above my place of business, i called we got-ya he came down right on time, it has been 2 weeks now. i knew that the roaches weren’t going to magically disappear and from what i read geran roaches are one of the hardest pest to get rid of but within the first 2 day they were about 80% gone no i get the random one which i know there are new eggs that need to hatch then die and that’s what they are doing. i would recommend we got-ya to all my friends

Gerardo G.
San Diego, CA

5.0 star rating 4/20/2015

We moved into our new house about 2 weeks ago and having 2 small kids I was very leery for any chemicals around my kids, but Javier was excellent at explaining everything. He worked on the backyard, garage and attic.

We had him come again today and spray the backyard and inside the house this time, and had Javier come again since we felt comfortable with him and again he took the time to help explain all precautions for the kids safety.

We are now signed up with We Got-Ya since they have wonderful staff. If you have small kids request for Javier as he is very nice and takes the time to explain.

Kasey C.
Chula Vista, CA

5.0 star rating 4/17/2015

I called this company asking for help.
They answered the phone and gave me a good advise.
They were so helpful .
Very nice people.
I will use them from now on !

Sergio S.
Chula Vista, CA

5.0 star rating 4/23/2015

Friendly service, the exterminators name was Javier he did a great job. 10/10

Jose S.
San Diego, CA

5.0 star rating 4/22/2015

Thank you for the quick friendly professional response. We called and Javier, the ant slayer spider nemesis came. He took care of business quickly and quietly.

Lisa M.
Saint-Denis, France

5.0 star rating 4/22/2015

Found a huge bee hive next to my pool. Called around to several pest control company’s in the area and “we got ya pest control” gave me a great price and came out same day for a live Emergency bee removal. Highly recommend! They are very professional and very knowledgable on all services.

Frank A.
La Mesa, CA

5.0 star rating 4/16/2015

“I have used “We Got-Ya” for many years and have recommended them to any friend that has had a pest problem. They are the only pest control company that has been able to get rid of roaches after one visit. I lived in an upstairs apt. in South Park that was so infested that the bugs would crawl on peoples legs. It was a nightmare. I was told by the company that my landlord used that it was my fault for having my dogs food and water on the floor and that I would have to put all of my food in plastic containers and never have a drop of water available even in the sinks if the roaches were to be dealt with. They poured some liquid all over the wood floors and I mean standing water type stuff and I had to be gone all day. The roaches were doubled after that. A friend told me about We Got Ya so I called them and they came right over and after their first visit I swear, I never had another living roach. I later had a problem with bed bugs. You can get these buggers from people visiting that have been exposed. I read everything about these pests and decided to get We Got Ya out asap. Same results. No more bed bugs after first visit. They come out a couple more times to be sure there are no more bugs anyway.

I was told about a family who had a horrific roach problem who had an adult daughter with Cerebral Palsy and whom would cry out all day from roaches crawling on her. This family could not afford pest control so I call We Got Ya and spoke to Abe about the situation. Without hesitation, Abe told me to let them know they would come out and take care of the problem . The family was so grateful to be rid of the bugs. Abe never asked for a dime. This company gets a hundred stars from me.

Everyone is professional, on time, and very friendly and kind. It is fairly embarrassing to have bugs and they come in and act like it’s no biggy and just do their job.

I have been late in payments to this company on more than one occasion and they have never made me feel bad about it. True humanitarians to say the least. If you want your bugs gone FAST, call this company NOW… You will be happy you did. Very reasonable rates too.”

Rhonda C.
San Diego, CA


We Got Ya is a trustable company and responds to your specific needs.

There was a flea problem for a couple of weeks in our house, and it was really bad. We tried to get it under control by using different methods but did not work well. We picked We Got Ya after searching online and calling 5 to 6 companies, because they gave a most reasonable quote without asking big, and long term “plan” and gave a down to earth honest guaranty and a work plan.

They cared about what we cared and concerned about what we need. When an employee Andrew came, he was very professional. He checked to confirm if it is really flea or some other bugs, because the extermination way will be completely different. When he confirmed what bug it was, he started a complete and professional extermination with thoughtful and gentle manner.

Most importantly, no more bugs! And we did not feel disturbing of our personal lives at all. So we are saying:

Thank you!!!”

A F.
San Diego, CA

“We were having a bee problem in San Diego so we called we got ya to come out and take a look at it. They were out that day with the equipment for bee control. Very fair price and professional workers would recommend.”
– Alexa Smith

“Have been using this company for a few years now. Never once have I had a problem. They have always been on time, reliable and professional. Highly recommended.”
Fabio Garcia